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Luís Lopo

Luís Lopo was born in Montijo, Portugal, in 1991. He started his musical studies at the age of 6 years and entered the Setúbal Regional Conservatory in 2002.
He has a Bachelor Degree in Piano by the Évora University in the class of Ana Telles, where he attends the 3rd year of the Bachelor Degree Composition in the class of Christopher Bochmann.
In other areas of musical education he studies with teachers such as Benoît Gibson, Pedro Amaral, Roberto Pérez and Mauro Dilema.
He has participated in several masterclasses with Lilian Akopova, Christophe Simonet, Sara Davis Buechner and José Eduardo Martins. He attended, as listener, the piano masterclasses of Jean-Pierre Armengaud, Anna Kijanowska and Pedro Burmester.
In 2014, his piece “Poema à Boca Fechada” was primiered during the series “Semana da Composição” and, in 2013, two of his works were premiered – “Nevoosidades” and “3 Pequenas Peças para Piano” – on the “Música Viva” Festival.
He is currently a piano teacher at the Lagos Music Academy and Music Conservatory of Portimão.


3 Pequenas Peças para Piano | piano
Epifania | violoncello