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Scherzo Editions is an online music publisher that sells musical scores, arrangements, Cd’s, Dvd’s, books and other accessories related to music and music instruments. It provides clients with the opportunity to order pieces/arrangements, maintaining the advantage of a bridge between music performers and composer, through an ongoing information and advice service.

What are we selling?

Scherzo Editions offers its clients the opportunity to buy music written by young talented composers, as well as composers for a longer time working in the music world, and provide them with a chance to be known internationally.
In addition to the selling, Scherzo Editions provides a music arrangement service and allows its clients to order pieces or arrangements.
In what concerns music and musical accessories, Scherzo Editions establish representation and sales promotion relationships with producers in order to advise its clients, in as detailed a way as possible, about the potential of accessories and the satisfaction of other users.
Scherzo Editions wants to reach performers, groups, ensembles and orchestras by its quality product at a low cost price. For that purpose, Scherzo Editions is located in Portugal, offering clients a fast response to all orders, both in Europe and the world.

What makes Scherzo Editions different?

@ It is a business based on continuous and close relationships: our positioning as a strategic ally with our clients, who are clients more than customers.
@ Scherzo Editions has a website and an online store that will play a dynamic close relationship with music performance stakeholders.
@ Scherzo Editions has a different concept of printing capacity due to knowledge of what the market is searching for: there is an unlimited amount of growth potential.
@ It is a 24 hour service.
@ Low Overhead Cost: Scherzo Editions will keep overhead costs to a minimum doing its own edition and printing.

Our priorities:

@ Emphasize quality, service and support.
@ Build a close relationship business with clients.
@ Focus on new market segments in what concerns composers and service delivery.
@ Mainly focus on clients directly related with music performance, that is, the actual music stakeholders. But also with others, that potentially, might need to access the world of music.