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Works for Prémio Jovens Músicos are already available: "There will be nonsense in it" - Rodrigo Bacelar, "Não incomodar" - Lucas Rei Ramos, "I will never have time" - Sara Marita, "Reminiscências" - Inês Madeira Lopes, "Clepsydra" - Carlos Lopes, "#DelayPedal" - Luís Mandacaru, "Por um fio" - Bernardo Beirão.

nkoda app

Scherzo Editions started a partnership with nkoda, a new app - for all platforms - that will revolutionize the music publishing world. Our titles are already being uploaded and the task will be finished in the beginning of 2020. All titles will automatically added to the app after being published on the website.

Most recent section: News

We have created a News section, dedicated to our Composers and their works. With News, Scherzo Editions starts a bond between composers and visitors, publicizing performances, recording and other relevant events. Check it now!

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We have just renewed our website to make it simple for our visitors. The basics are over but we will change the content during the coming days. Have a good time with Scherzo Editions.
Starting over can be challenging, but also it can be a great opportunity to do things differently.


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