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Lucas Rei Ramos

Lucas Rei Ramos was born in Muros, Galicia. He started his studies as a jazz pianist, but soon he became interested in composition. This led him to write music for audiovisual media and to work with vocal ensembles as arranger and conductor. Later he started his studies at ESMAE, graduating in Composition. Part of his education involved developing electronic and interactive music projects, and some of those have already been showcased at international events like the Cerveira Bienal, the Semibreve Festival of Braga and the Festival Música Viva of Lisbon. His latest electronic music commission was an acousmatic work for the Mixtur Festival at Barcelona, premiered in May 2019. Furthermore, he has written for large ensembles, like the ESMAE Symphonic Orchestra and the ESMAE Big Band. His work “Grumpy Levy”, for Big Band, has been premiered at Casa da Música in 2016. As part of a research project for the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, he was commissioned to write a piece for ensemble – “Esconder-se no Multiverso” -, premiered in Lisbon in 2018 by the ESMAE Contemporary Music Ensemble.


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