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Jorge Portela

Born in Baião, 1976. He began to study music at Banda Marcial de Ancêde at the age of 10. In 1988 he entered the Oporto Conservatory in the trumpet class of Manuel Azevedo. At the same year, he began the Sergeants Training course for Musicians/Trumpet at the Army’s Sergeants School which he completed in 2001 and entered to the Army Brass Band’s personnel.
In 2010 he entered the ESMAE in the Composition course where he studied with Pedro Santos, Eugénio Amorim, Dimitris Andrikopoulos, Carlos Guedes, Carlos Azevedo, Rui Penha, Filipe Lopes, Filipe Vieira, José Abreu e Daniel Moreira. He attended seminars with Betty Olivero, Emmanuel Nunes, Ivo Medek, Kaija Saariaho, Pascal Dusapin e Unsuk Chin.
In 2012 he premiered and conducted his work “Tempestade” and took part in the EUROCLASSICAL concert with the work “Mirum Sonum”. In 2013, the ESMAE Sinfonieta, under the direction of Raf De Keninck, premiered his work “Flash’s” and, in 2014, the Ensemble I&D, under the direction of Eugénio Amorim, premiered his work “Trilhos”. Still in 2014, at the II National Bands Festival supported by the Town Hall of Gondomar and the Portuguese Symphonic Band, the Oporto Military Band premiered the piece “Terra, o Planeta…”.
He is currently working in the Porto Military Band and attending the second year of the Masters in Composition and Music Theory at ESMAE.


new approaches… – Toccata | trumpet