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Gonçalo Lourenço

Gonçalo Lourenço, was born in Lisbon in 1979. He graduated in Composition in the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, in 2005, where he had the chance to work with Dr. Christopher Bochmann. Master in Choral Conducting from the College Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati – U.S.A., in 2011, Gonçalo worked with Professors Brad Scott, Elmer Thomas and Earl Rivers. At the University of Cincinnati, he worked as “Minor in Orchestra Conducting” with the con-ductor Mark Gibson. Gonçalo has a Ph.D. in Choral Cunducting by the Indiana University, 2016, tutored by Robert Porco, Carmen Téllez, William Gray and Sven-David Sandstrom.
Gonçalo Lourenço premiered some of his works abroad, more specifically the “From the Ashes” Oratory, for orchestra, choir, soloists and narrator, in Bloomington, as part of his PhD dissertation. In Portugal, his music is performed by several renowned choirs such as Coro Ricercare, Coro Odyssea, Coro Anonymus and Emotion Voices.
While Artistic Director, he had the opportunity to conduct the Cincinnati Camerata Choir, NOTUS and VocalEssence in the U.S. Gonçalo was a choir professor at the Covilhã Conservatory and founder of the Coro Odyssea. He has been working as Assistant Conductor of the Coro Aguava, conducted by Carmen Téllez and funded the Exordium Baroque Ensemble in 2012.
Presently, Gonçalo is the mentor of the Estúdio de Direccção Coral, Studio Conducere and Choir Professor at ESART (Castelo Branco).


Obcaecatio, 7 Pecados Mortais/7 Deadly Sins, GL 15 | oboe
Clarinetando, GL 30 | clarinet quartet
Concertino, GL 34 | eng.horn solo & double reed ensemble
Concertino, GL 34 (Piano Reduction) | eng.horn solo & piano
UFO, GL 12 | guitar quartet
GL3 – Duas Orações | choir
GL10: Lucifer’s Fall | saxophone quartet
GL 26 “A Aldeia” – Folk Fantasy | woodwind quintet
Casto Algarve, GL 28 | choir
Da Vinci’s Sketches, GL 52 | choir
Shakespeare Thoughts, GL 60 | choir
Ça Va – Icelandic Dances, GL 9 | chamber orchestra