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Eduarda Ferreira

Eduarda Ferreira began her musical studies at the Sociedade Artística Musical Fafense – Banda de Golães at the age of seven. Later, she entered the trumpet class at the Academia de Música José Atalaya, finishing the Music Education course in 2019. She currently attends the Bachelor in Choral Conducting and Music Education at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa. Throughout her academic studies, she performed on several solo, chamber music, choir and orchestra concerts.
Eduarda started her composition career at the age of 15, writing works for diverse instrumental groups such as trio, quartet, choir, symphony and wind orchestra. In 2017, she won an Honorable Mention on the “4º Concurso de Composição de Canções para Crianças” (4th Composition Competition of Children’s Songs), organized by the Portuguese Association of Music Education (APEM), with the work “O relógio de sala”. In 2019, she won the 1st Prize on the 10th Edition of the “Prémio de Composição Século XXI” (21st Century Composition Award) with the work “Imagens”. Also in 2019, she published “Encanto” and “Popular a cappella” with Arpejo Editora and started the project “Criar que som tem?”, in collaboration with APEM.
Furthermore, she participated in the XI and XIII National Meeting of APEM and the “Ação Formação – Kodály” with Sarolta Plátthy, organized by APEM.


Imagens | clarinet