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André M. Santos


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Born in Lisbon, November 1984.

After completing a degree in economics in the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (2006), he began in 2007 a degree in classical guitar in the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa with Piñero Nagy, and he completed his graduation in 2010 in the Seville’s Conservatorio Superior under the guidance of Francisco Sanchez Bernier.

He has also attended Flamenco Guitar classes with Oscar Herrero and Pedro Jóia.

Throughout his career he has already played with several artists such as Teresa Salgueiro (formerly from Madredeus), Mariza, Mythos Orchestra from “7 Sóis 7 Luas” (Musical director), Mísia, and many other groups with whom he has performed in many different countries.

He is a resident member of the Jury at the “Almada’s Intervention Music National Competition” since 2007. In 2011 he received the Young Talent award from the Almada municipality.

He finished his degree in composition in the E.S.M.L. and had António Pinho Vargas, Carlos Caires and Luís Tinoco as his teachers.

He is the guitar player of the group Melech Mechaya, Mano Quartet and Lisbon Guitar Quartet.


Sounds of an annoyed person|2percussionists & electronics

Insiste, persiste e não desiste!|accordion

Eypida|violin & violoncello

A Ponte dos Lamentos|guitar

O motivo da menina Laite|flute


Word study: Manipulation|clarinet & accordion

A Skeleton in the Closet|piano, flute & oboe

Lima|oboe, clarinet & piano

Valsa Matina|guitar (vibraphone)

La Latina|xylophone


Fricções|flute & electronics

Sonata da Desumanização|euphonium & piano

Jump on the bandwagon with the Devil|tuba & piano

Ponta de São Lourenço|guitar

Sonata da Desumanização|violoncello & piano

Album Fricções|flute/flute&electronics

Cam Out|woodwind quintet