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Adérito Valente

In 2005, he was admitted in Escola Superior de Música e das Adtes do Espectáculo do Porto (ESMAE) to study composition, where he had the opportunity to work with the Professors Carlos Guedes, Eugénio Amorim, Dimitris Andrikopoulos, João Madureira, Filipe Vieira, Fernando Lapa, Carlos Azevedo, Fredrick Gifford, Clawrence Barlow, Klas de Vries, Magnus Lindberg, Johnathan Harvey and Karlheinz Stockhausen. He attended seminars with Emmanuel Nunes and Kaija Saariaho. In 2009, he has got the 1st Prize in the International Composition Competition for Young Composers City of Portimão, with a work for string quartet entitled “Ventos do Sul”, later interpreted by the Matosinhos String Quartet. In 2013, he received an honorable mention at the IADCC (International Antonín Dvorák Composition Contest) in Prague, with the work “Peccata Mundi” for large orchestra and mixed choir. In 2014, he obtained the Master degree in Composition and Music Theory at ESMAE. In 2015, was present at the finals of the Concours de Genève (Geneva International Music Competi-tion) where he was awarded the Foundation Otto & Régine Heim Prize with the work “Onis ex tempore” for string quartet.


Jápeto | bassoon