Três Telas de Barcelona for Flute, Bass Clarinet and Piano | Ana Seara


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Três Telas de Barcelona is written in 3 small movements. However, they should be played uninterruptedly.
Gaudì, Mirò and Dalì are the 3 names of Catalan art to be musically explored. I focused int he construction and colour of the lizard of the Parc Güell in Barcelona; in the painting “The Morning Star” of the set “Constellations” by Mirò; and in the famous “The Persistence of the Memory” by Dalì.
With a very peculiar architectural style, Gaudì decorated the whole city of Barcelona with colour rand waving forms, full of mosaics where he joined the gothic style, the art nouveau and the Spanish tradition. The colourful mosaics that coat all Parc Güell convey musical ideas. Some waving shapes, with different sound colours…
After World War II, Mirò went to Normandy. It was a period of introspection, where the sky, the night and the stars had a special importance for the painter. Thus the pictures of “Constellations” were born. There were 23 aquarelles where it seems to reflect the order of the cosmos, the social order, peace. Musically, “The Morning Star” is slower, with more noises, those that we hear during the night. Quieter, with stars appearing here and there… Then they gather together to replace the order of the cosmos.
Dalì, father of surrealism, transmits in this painting some horror, anxiety. The memory of all the musical work is treated at this moment. It is appealed previous material to close a cycle. The memory is persistent. The musical motifs in constant rotation on itself grant this idea of spiral replication. Forte, fast and incisive.
Duration: ca. 8’30” | Pages: 37 | Year: 2007
Instrumentation: Flute, B.Clarinet, Piano


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