Three Design Icons for two Violins and Double Bass | Nuno Dario


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Duration: ca. 10’30”

Pages: 40

Year: 2009

Three Design Icons is a programmed-music piece. Just like three pieces of design, three icon-movements depict the human being’s responsibility when facing a world full of dramatic events.
The first movement is a tension – building vortex into the abyss.
The second movement starts with a solo violin cadence (metaphorically pointing to each one of us’ self-consciousness) and evolves as a religious and thoughtful movement, shared between the three instruments.
The third movement is about the corrosive, trio – debate, which seeks for action, answers and redemption.
The end of Three Design Icons is an open, loop-like one; the listener is sent back to the beginning of the piece thus suggesting the need to go over the whole piece/process of self-questioning again.
Three Design Icons is emotionally refrained. It is a stylized piece of musical design.

Nuno Dario


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