Tetraktys for Brass Dectet | Paulo Bastos


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The tetraktys (from the ancient greek τετρακτύς) is a Pythagorean representation of the triangular figure, called “equilateral triangle”. For Pythagoreans, the numbers maintained a direct link with Matter, considering, for example, the number “one” as a point, “two” as a line, “three” a surface and “four” a solid. Assuming that 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10, the number “ten” was seen as a kind of set of four elements, the “foundation” of things in the world. The number “ten”, according to the Pythagoreans, would correspond to a tetraktys (in Wikipedia).
Duration: ca. 9′ | Pages: 77 | Year: 2017
Instrumentation: 3Trumpets, Flugelhorn, 2Horns, 3Trombones, Tuba


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