Reflections… for Symphony Orchestra | Ana Seara


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From the deep silence one wakes up with an ascending line gaining strength and shape and, as in every day of our lives, overcomes obstacles, faces different states of mind… One finds again the serenity at the end of the day, inside, in the comfort of one’s home… and rests…
In an introspective, individualistic process and something painful, Reflections... was woven in time, took on a life of its own and abandoned the initially designed structure, because “Music is always prior you, from no time, from an unpresented absolute, from a time before time, from outside it, from eternity”. (Vergílio Ferreira)
What was supposed to be a Prelude and Fugue – homage to Bach – turned into a reflection of Bach in my experience as a musician, as a composer.
A set of images, representations, deliberations, cogitations, studies on the phenomenon of sound in my language, with the gesture of the Prelude in C from The Well-Tempered Clavier, always present in my imaginary.
Duration: ca. 18′ | Pages: 26 | Year: 2013
Instrumentation: 3(pic).3(eh).3(bc).3(cb) – – timp.2perc. – – str


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