Nocturno Silêncio Repousado for String Orchestra | Ana Seara


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Following the request made by the Artistic Director of the Lisbon Music Academy. String orchestra, Filipa Poêjo, to whom I owe the commission of this work, I used sonorities, timbre beyond the conventional, so that the performers (students between 14 and 18 years old of music studies) get acquainted with other languages and open up their horizons as to the timbre possibilities of their instruments and the ensemble they integrate.
The 1st movement reflects the landscape and the coastal ambience of an Ionian beach (Boeotia – Greece). It is a movement with timbre exploitation movement of the natural elements presented in the words of Camões, in the first quatrain and it announces the sad ambience running through the entire sonnet. The night, the silence, the apparent tranquility…
The 2nd movement is the most melodic (with modal characteristics), corresponding to the second quatrain and to the first sonnet tercet. Here one lives the sorrow, the fisherman’s sadness for having lost his beloved. There is a prayer to the sea waves to bring, again, his Nymph who left so early.
The 3rd movement is the shortest, without any break from the 2nd, a returning to the initial ambience. The coastal landscape. The sea does not answer back to him… Again, sound effects… The waves, the grove and the wind… It ends the piece, which, roughly speaking, is an ABA’, as the sonnet ends up presenting itself, full of references to the nature and a steady melancholic feeling.
Duration: ca. 8′ | Pages: 31 | Year: 2015


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