Camp Out for Woodwind Quintet | André M. Santos


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At a stage of deep inner search about pillars to hold me, this expression – Camp Out – emerges in a personal development book, which literally refers to “putting oneself in someone’s shoes”.
I got into music as a guitar player and I quickly developed the pleasure for the timbre writing and exploitation of several instruments and groups. However, I must confess that I always ran away from wind groups as instruments far from my natural habitat. Despite this, I have used various wind instruments throughout my works, but had never written one exclusively for a wind chamber group. I humbly tried to put on this so challenging universe shoes and to focus my attention and personal pursuance in this so characteristic colour.
This work accompanies a deep intimate growth, perhaps not so directly present in the music, but always as a motto in my artistic development. Each instrument has a well-defined role, sometimes simply as structure, with no emphasis, but as a basic pillar on the personal development’s ladder.
Duration: ca. 17′ | Pages: 113 | Year: 2019


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