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Dealer and Retailer Terms and Conditions

Music Trade accounts

Scherzo Editions trades with dealers throughout the world. To establish a Music Dealer Account please contact us first with your proposition and business details, then create a new account on our Webshop so that we can set up a specific discount coupon. We will send you the coupon code by email. After creating an account, you can place your orders and use the coupon as many times as needed.

Sales discounts

We offer a standard dealer discount of 30% of our Recommended Retail Price (scores only).

Standard Terms and Conditions

1. All Orders received are treated as firm orders.
2. Orders must be made using our Webshop Account and include a purchase order number or order reference number.
3. Payment for goods are required at the time of shipping from our office in Portugal.
4. Payment by Credit Card or PayPal may attract a 4% surcharge.
5. Payments made by international telegraphic transfer (SWIFT) may attract a €20 processing surcharge unless remittances include all beneficiary charges.
6. All orders will be shipped by Registered International Airmail unless requested during the processed order.

Payments made by PayPal

If your business does not have a PayPal account we will send you a PayPal payment request which allows you to pay by Credit Card.