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Rodrigo Bacelar

Rodrigo Bacelar is a Portuguese composer born in 1995 in Oporto, currently completing a Master in Composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music, under the supervision of Lasse Thoresen. He completed his secondary studies of cello and piano in 2014 and a Bachelor in Composition at ESMAE in 2018. On that year he was awarded the first prize at the 11th International Composition Competition of PĆ³voa de Varzim and, in 2019, he earned an honorable mention at the Composition Prize SPA/Antena2. His music has been staged in European cities such as Padua (Italy), Edinburgh (Scotland) and Oslo (Norway). His production as a composer is mostly directed to acoustic instruments and it is frequently influenced by non-musical impressions, typically originating from paintings, literature and cinema.


There will be nonsense in it | horn