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Nuno Dario

Nuno Dario is an explorative composer, working across film, concert, theatre, dance, commercials and movie trailers; his eclectic body of work ranges from classical-contemporary to mainstream commercial music. Nuno Dario’s music is performed in concerts and heard on TV, Web, and films in several countries such as in the United States, Angola, Portugal, Brazil and the United Kingdom.
Nuno Dario won three Global Music Awards for his concert and film music: two Silver Medals-Outstanding Achievement in the categories of Creativety/Originality and Avant-Gard/Cross-Genre and an Award of Merit for Original Score for works such as “Earth is Home” and “Four Poems in Search of a Music Play”. Nuno Dario also won two Bronze Awards from the Prémios Lusófonos da Criatividade for his music for the major Portuguese brands “Delta Cafés” and “Maxmat” commercials spots.
Nuno Dario began taking music seriously as a teenager studying electric guitar, mainly Rock and Jazz. He played guitar, sang and programmed drum machines in several cover bands, from 60’s music to Hard Rock. His main love for classical music led him to study classical guitar, piano and composition, thus leading to his graduation in composition at the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa.
Nuno Dario got his Ph.D. in composition from Royal Holloway College in London fully funded by the FCT Scholarship, awarded by the Portuguese State. Nuno Dario completed the Film Scoring Program at UCLA (Los Angeles) where he was also awarded the prestigious BMI/Jerry Goldmith Film Scoring Scholarhip.
Nuno Dario is music director at Ad Music Fuel and signed for Louder Productions, one of the world’s leading trailer music houses.


MEM | clarinet & electronics
Three Design Icons | 2violins & double bass
Nocturnal Serenade | 3guitars