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The missing link

Sound is essential for every wind instrument. All instrument builders over the centuries have used their own recipes. In the past decennia there have been no revolutionary developments, until now: the invention of lefreQue. Two simple metal plates for more sound, more colour and more emotion.

lefreQue does not add but gives in return

One uninterrupted sound body would be ideal for every wind instrument. But in practice that is impossible. With every sliding connection, every screwing point and every soldered tube you inevitably lose part of the produced sound. lefreQue will give back the sound to the instrument.

“Within an hour I was completely convinced: I will never again play without lefreQue!”
– Emily Beynon, solo flutist , Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra –

Sound breaches repaired

The lefreQue will repair the sound breaches that occur in every wind instrument.
The greatest gain is to be had at the connection between the mouth piece and the rest of the instrument. But every further employment of a lefreQue at the other connections will also enhance the sound markedly.
You will notice the difference immediately: the sound will be more complete, the instrument will respond much quicker and the greater speed of the tone changes will be spectacular.

LefreQue 33mm in box

Never again without

The lefreQue will prove to be an indispensable addition for every wind instrument. The expertly chosen material and unique patented shape will enhance the sound quality and ease of play beyond imagination.
lefreQue will make your instrument more complete as Emily Beynon, solo flutist of the Royal Concertgebouw says: “Within an hour I was completely convinced: I will never again play without lefreQue!”

“The lefreQue is a miracle to me! From the first moment on I heard the difference so very clearly that I will never play without it anymore!! The sound is much deeper and richer and you get a much improved legato. For any instrument, at any level, the lefreQue is a major sound improvement!”
– Emily Beynon, solo flutist , Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra –

LefreQue optimizing your instrument

Although seemingly the simplest solution you could think of, the lefreQue is not just any old piece of scrap metal. The shape and material have been carefully selected and thought out, to obtain the best possible bridge between the instrument parts and to achieve a universal fit. Both are crucial to make possible uninterrupted sound production. Only a real lefreQue will guarantee the optimalisation of your instrument.

Sound bridge for wind instrument

The lefreQue is a seemingly simple sound bridge that will make a wind instrument sound better. It consists of a bridge that is built up by two metal elements that will repair the sound breaches that occur in by nature all wind instruments. You can put the lefreQue on an instrument using two especially developed elastic (silicone) bands, you do not need to change anything on the instrument itself.

Saxophone and flute player Hans Kuijt at first invented the lefreQue for the saxophone being unsatisfied with the sound quality of even the very best instruments. He had the idea that is it more or less illogical to use cork as a link between the mouthpiece of the sax and the rest of the instrument.

Cork is a material that does not pass on sound. You can use it to fit a mouth piece on to the instrument but at the same time, the properties of cork are such that it does not transmit the required sound to the instrument, it actually mutes sound. lefreQue solves this problem.

Not for saxophone only

Finding that the invention worked perfectly on all types of saxophone Hans decided to put the lefreQue on his flutes. On the flute there are no cork connections but the lefreQue does the job in the same way essentially. On a flute you slide the pieces into each other, thereby effecting a sound breach, which again will be corrected by using the lefreQue.

“lefreQue, the new tonal enhancement for wind instruments from Holland. I use this device myself and endorse its amazing qualities!”
– Jeffrey Wilson, Jazz musician and composer –

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33mm|41mm|76mm|Double Reed|Elastic Bands|Manual|Option Card